Master Moves – Ki Bon Hyung

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Ki Bon Hyung

Ki bon Hyung was taught to me by Master Sung jin Suh. It is a great way to practice the set of 15 Ki Bon Soo techniques as a form (hyung). You begin in Kong Kyuk Jah Say (ready stance) and then perform ki bon soo 1 with an imaginary opponent, all the way through to the pin and finish. Then you go straight in to ki bon soo 2, from whatever direction you were facing, making sure that all stances are executed correctly, all joint locks/throws and take downs are performed as if you were holding on to a real person, and done at speed.

If you do this exercise all the way through to ki bon soo 15, you will have performed all the fundamental techniques in all directions, at speed with emphasis on correct technique and power. So that when you come to do them on a real opponent the moves will feel easier and work smother.