Our News -  We love Kuk Sool Won! Maybe you've already guessed that? At Kuk Sool Won Cork, we are huge fans Korean culture and of martial arts in general. We love all the associated benefits of practicing martial arts; be they to your health, well-being or fitness. We love all of that! Moreover we LOVE martial art movies and anime and comics and...well it's a long list!
Most of all, we really like sharing our passions and talking about them. If like us, you enjoy sharing training tips, analysing fight scenes from your favourite movies or delving a bit deeper into the rich culture and history associated with Kuk Sool Won, join us and read on!

Kuk Sool Won Cork has just returned for the Kuk Sool Won European Championships held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, U.K. The European Championships consisted of over 800 competitors over 2 days culminating in an afternoon of promotions and Masters demonstrations on the Saturday. KSW Cork took a small team of 5 to this event, and they won 9 medals between them! 1st degree Black Belt Fiona Boniwell won Silver in Sword form, Bronze in Staff Form, Bronze in Techniques and Copper in Sparring. Fiona has won medals every year in every competition since 2010! Pretty amazing! 1st Degree Black Belt Kai Norman won a Copper in Staff form, and another copper in Techniques, 1st Degree Black Belt Jasmine Norman won copper in Sword form and another copper in sparring, and lastly 5 year old Yellow Belt Phoenix Boniwell won a Bronze medal in techniques! wow!

Also, KSW Cork’s founder and instructor Matthew Boniwell was promoted to Master (5th degree Black Belt) after 20 years of continuous study, training and testing. And is now Master instructor to whole of Ireland!!! an amazing achievement!