Master Moves – Kuk Sool Won Animal Styles

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One of the many different aspects of Kuk Sool Won are it’s Animal techniques. Kuk Sool Won practitioners believe that to merely imitate the animal is not sufficient. People are not like other animals; therefore merely imitating an animal’s movements doesn’t make for a powerful, effective technique. By converting an animal’s fighting principles and behaviour into human requirements, we can increase the effectiveness of our techniques and expand our capabilities.


To help prepare our bodys to exiqute these techniques, first we must strengthen it.Each animal style practices different kinds of push ups, Tiger strikes are maniley palm strikes, so push ups on the palms, with no pressure on the fingers, strenghtens the hands for Tiger techniques. These push ups make wrists flexible and palm heels strong. Tiger techniques require strong forearms wich also com from Kuk Sool Won weapons training.


Eagle techniques require different training. As the Eagle style concentrates on pressure points attacks and grabs, fingertip push ups are best for Eagle strikes. One way is with the fingers splayed outward and the other way is to keep the fingers claw like, with the fingers bent to strenghthen the joints.


Don’t worry if you can’t manage one of the push ups mentioned above. Just holding the push up in the up position is enough to start. As you get stronger you will be able to do more.