KJN Master Sung Jin Suh

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KJN Sung Jin Sun 9th Dahn Master in Kuk Sool Won

KJN Sung Jin Suh is the eldest son of Kuk Sool Won’s Grandmaster, or Kuk Sa Nim as we say in Korean, In Hyuk Suh.

Although In Hyuk Suh has 4 sons, he chose Sung Jin to be his successor because of the focus that his eldest son exhibited towards martial arts in general and Kuk Sool Won in particular.

Master Sung Jin began his training at the tender age of 6 in his hometown of Tangeu in South Korea. His training was that of any other Kuk Sool student until he reached his twenties when he was sent to Pusan headquarters to study under his uncle, In Seo Suh.

For months, KJN Sung Jin did little else than study Kuk Sool. His training would start early in the morning with a long jog up a steep road to Dragon Head Mountain. After breakfast, he would hit the dohjang to practice hand and weapons forms. Joint locks and kicking practice would come later once he was thoroughly warmed up. Each evening he would attend regular classes. Then he and his cousin would play volleyball or soccer in the dohjang afterwards, often breaking mirrors that they had to replace before the next morning!

KJN Sung Jin often practiced his kisks late into the night. On one occasion, his uncle had him practice 1000 spin-kicks at the end of a long day spent training.

As well as his uncle, KJN Sung Jin was also taught by other masters in the Pusan area and credits them with directly influencing his training.

Eventually, KJN Sung Jin moved to the USA, joining the San Francisco Dohjang where he started teaching immediately and received instruction from his father, Kuk Sa Nim.

KJN Sung Jin and the WKSA are now based in Houston Texas. KJN Sung Jin continues to receive advice and teaching from his father. His teaching is primarily in private classes and for black belts. He does however tour the world, teaching seminars and providing students of all levels with the opportunity to learn directly from him.