Master Moves – Shadow Boxing

The Benefits of Shadow Boxing in Kuk Sool Won

As some of you have experienced in our Kuk Sool Won fight nights, shadow boxing is a lot harder than it looks! I cannot stress enough how beneficial an exercise shadow boxing is. For those of you who don’t know what shadow boxing is, it is quite basically standing in an open space and practicing your attacks and blocks on imaginary opponents.

As you start to learn to shadow box, you’ll probably just throw punches and kicks directly in front of you, but as you get better, you will start to box in all directions, learning how to move from 1 attack to another. You’ll train combinations, and learn how to smoothly transition from hands to feet and back again, or from one direction to another.

As an added bonus, shadow boxing can be a great warm up exercise and cardio work out, and can be practised empty handed or with weapons.

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