Teens 13 – 18

Teens 13 – 18

Our Teen classes provide Kuk Sool Won students with an opportunity to learn an intricate art form that develops physical fitness and flexibility. It is also offers them the opportunity to learn an extremely effective form of self-defense.

Kuk Sool Won Where Art And Sport Collide

What will I learn?

Through the practice of traditional forms, correct falling techniques, self-defense techniques, weapons training and basic acrobatics, you will build aerobic stamina, increased physical strength, improved coordination and flexibility, as well as learning self-control and respect for others.

Self-Confidence Trumps Self-Consciousness

We teach you about how confidence forms the bedrock of self-defense and general wellbeing, through Kuk Sool Won and its methodology (traditional forms provide a prime example: eyes bright mind clear). As you get older, we teach you about how to adapt and utilize your martial art training in a way that has a positive impact on your life beyond the Dohjang.

Although we drop the Dodge-ball and games for our teen classes, we do ensure a playful nurturing learning environment so that you feel free to try new things. It might be a kick or a break-fall, a wrist-lock or an acrobatic move. Whatever you are learning, we teach it in such a way you feel confident enough to drop any self-consciousness and really go for it.