Black Belt Promotions 2015

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It’s nearly here

That moment when the first bunch of YOU will promote to BLACK BELT!

Nathan Hurley, Jasmine & Kai Norman and Pat Galvin are promoting to Jo Kyo Nim (Instructor in Training, 1st dan) Black Belt in Liverpool this November.

At this point we have to whip out all the clichés because only clichés will do. We’re incredibly proud of and excited for them. We’re emotional too (even SBN – look close and you’ll see). It really is a long and ardous journey from white to black, as those of you who have been training for a while will already be aware, and they’ve all done so well.

They will be the first Kuk Sool Won Cork students to make that grade, so it’s a bench mark for them, for you and for the school as a whole.

Nathan, Jas & Kai were among our very first students when we opened in 2010. They’ve (literally) grown loads since then and are now throwing out all kinds of crazy martial arts moves since those early days. They’ve all made great contributions to demos and to the school, helping classmates, as well as working hard on the syllabus requirements.

Likewise, Pat who travels to class a few times a month from Listowel with his wife Kathleen and kids Fiona and Sean, exhibits great dedication. Pat’s KSW journey started in London. When he moved to Ireland, there weren’t any KSW schools, so he was unable to train with instruction for a while. He got wind of SBN Matt’s class in Ballinspittle and came down to see us. That was 3 years ago and since then, Pat and his family have been training with us once a month.

We’re looking forward to celebrating their promotions in November and if any of you wish to join us, please do! The promotions take place after the WKSA UK Tournament. Dates, locations and useful info for travel and accommodation are all on the back of the newsletter