Advanced Classes and the Kuk Sool Won Cork Demo Team

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Demonstrations are an important part of Kuk Sool Won Cork. They offer an opportunity for you to show off some of the skills you learn. Demonstrations also focus your practice in much the same way as training for a competition.

When you practice for a test, you generally focus on remembering as much as you can. When you train for a performance demo or competition, you’re more likely to focus on doing what you know as well as you can. It’s a subtle difference and an important one.

We actively encourage you to take part in any Kuk Sool Won Cork demonstrations and next year we hope to participate in more local events than we have to date.

Earlier this year we started work on developing our own dedicated demo team. Once a month, we run an invitation only advanced class in which students work on routines that best show off their KSW skills.

You each have areas at which you excel and in this class we aim to develop routines that show those off to best advantage; that you’ll be happy to practice. This class offers the opportunity to learn some of the more advanced and flamboyant aspects of Kuk Sool Won. We also use it to deal with aspects of performance that may seem less important but actually have a big effect on how the performance looks as a whole, such as being prepared with kit, how we walk on, how we ‘wait in the wings’ — all the little things that make a big difference.

You can all make it into the advanced class and it’s free. You simply have to show us that you want it. To do that, you need to practice hard and if there is an area of Kuk Sool Won that you really enjoy; work especially hard at that. Some of you enjoy the acrobatic side, whereas some like breakfalls and others prefer techniques or forms or kicking routines. If you’re learning weapons, that might be where your talent lies. Start with what you enjoy and work from there.

If you’d like to be part of the demo team, talk to us in your next class!